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While we started with technology and consulting, our passion is in creating products that solve client issues. We strongly believe that the world is undergoing a change where technology is leveraged to empower people to focus on the key aspects of their job, not just the work. We construct products that focus on the “job to be done” and minimize feature bloat. Read on below for a selection of our products.

Digital Workforce

Leveraging advanced technologies such as AI/ML to increase efficiency and coverage while lowering costs.


An enterprise business intelligence portal that enables your BI tools to live in one place.

The Power Of GAT

Reinventing BRG’s Delivery Through Digital Innovation

We are passionate digital craftsmen, and we leverage many tools, including our proprietary technology platform to build products and solutions for our clients. By leveraging our existing technologies we are able to create solutions and products quickly and at scale.

GAT - Powered by BRG DRIVE

Powered by Proprietary Tools

Whether the solution requires a dynamic workflow, forms, dashboards or a conduit to ingest external data, the tools are built and ready.

GAT - Technology Agnostic

Technology Agnostic

Rather than reinvent the wheel, GAT professionals work with what you have to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

GAT - Backed by the Experts of BRG

Backed by BRG Experts

GAT is part of the larger BRG ecosystem which enables us to tap into thousands of experts both inside the firm and within our vast network.

GAT - Proven Product Development Process

Proven Product Process

By partnering with GAT, clients leverage our proven processes, technology expertise, and experience in building products that drive results.


Consulting is where we started so we knew that our first major in-house technology development had to be foundational.

That’s exactly what we did when we built our proprietary technology suite, BRG DRIVE.

We deploy a dedicated instance of DRIVE and let users connect and combine what they need from any source. The real magic happens when our clients enhance existing content by transforming an otherwise manual process into our workflows, create alerts to minimize manual review or spark streamlined collaboration with users and BRG experts.

Discover our Solutions

Our consulting background taught us to be a highly skilled team that solves complex problems. Rather than solve new problems every single project, we realized that the solutions we build can benefit so many clients. That’s why we decided to focus on specific problems and turn our incredible team loose on making technology products that solve your biggest pain points. Is there something you hate doing? Do you wish your team could spend their time using their expertise rather than busy work? So do we! Think of our solutions as force multipliers to have technology on your team so you can get back to doing the things you do best.



An assessment of organisational information maturity, helping you leverage maximum value from data.



A suite of tools for Financial Services that supercharges banking compliance and operations.



Gain visibility of the Operating Room and understand your productivity, safety and efficiency drivers.



A comprehensive risk identification, management, and monitoring platform for corporate compliance.



Automation of your SF-425 reporting requirements and interactive treasury management analytics.

Select Industries of expertise

Your Domain Expertise. BRG’s Industry Experts. Our Innovation.

We have faced diverse problems across a variety of industries, companies and disciplines. When GAT professionals combine their technical capabilities and tools with your team’s existing competencies and culture, you see change. When you also engage renowned BRG experts that have seen, solved and weathered the hardest and the worst, your digital advantage becomes unprecedented.

We view clients as partners and create unique financial arrangements that support this view. The GAT team helps solve your problem while also determining how to “productionize” the solution in a way that both GAT and the client partner can benefit.


Financial Services clients leverage our cutting-edge tools and technology to assist in managing their credit compliance processes, loan and account reviews, complaint management, and many other areas.


Whether our energy clients are analyzing historical patterns or forecasting future trends, our Horizon and Wayfinder tools combine robust data assets with cutting edge visualizations to empower users.


Healthcare remains GAT’s (as well as BRG’s) largest industry vertical. From healthcare providers, payers or pharmaceutical companies we have tools to assist with all aspects of operations and strategy.


Our government clients seek out our solutions to assist with a broad range of challenges including reporting, unified business intelligence platforms, or products to streamline internal operations.

Legal Services

Companies seek out the GAT team to help organize and analyze vast reams of data including written documents. Our technology can substantially decrease the time required to pinpoint key dispute points.


Construction companies, insurers and other companies involved in the building industry utilize our tools and advanced technology to manage and analyze invoices, timelines, and other project documents.

Our History

The Global Applied Technology group was formed by data scientists, programmers, and consultants with the idea of democratizing access to data and empowering end users to make data driven change in their organizations. Our proprietary analytics platform was first conceived in 2011 but was fully rebuilt in 2015 by existing team members to enable the use of modern web technologies. In 2019 we embarked on our latest rebuild to prepare for the future tidal wave of data that we knew would soon arrive.

Our technology development is done in-house with pride.




Active Deployments

Open Source

Technologies Utilized


Lines of Code

We Operate Globally

Our team and our clients are based around the world, GAT knows no bounds.

From New Zealand to the United States and all points in between, the GAT team lives and works across time zones and boundaries. We have built, and deployed, products and solutions for clients worldwide. We have relationships with cloud data centers in many jurisdictions to ensure that we strictly adhere to any data privacy, storage and transmission requirements.

GAT - We Operate Globally

The reach of a Global Firm

GAT is part of Berkeley Research Group LLC, a leading global consulting and expert services firm. Featuring more than 40 offices on six continents, the firm’s global footprint allows for our team to seamlessly work with companies from small entities to large multi-national corporations.