Products for Success

Our Products Enhance End User's Abilities To Work Efficiently And Effectively.

End-user experience matters. Our core products enhance your employee's work-life by streamlining their access to information (Symphony) while automating processes that a computer can do (Digital Workforce). By combining these two technologies, GAT can supercharge your organization's ability to perform by freeing your employee's time to do complex tasks and ensuring they have the correct information at their fingertips to drive meaningful change.


Symphony is our unified business intelligence and collaboration portal that is constructed to enable a “one-stop shop” for all your dashboards and analytics. You love your Tableau dashboards while your colleague loves PowerBI? No problem. Symphony enables all your favorite tools to work together in harmony, curated by you, for you. Let Symphony free you from searching for a dashboard so you can get to work!

Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce

Our digital workforce solution is an ensemble of advanced technologies that allow our clients to leverage an army of computers to “do more with less”. Whether leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, or Robotic Process Automation our tools can supercharge your operations, gain efficiencies, and perform more comprehensive reviews.

A Product Process for Progress

We take an innovative and iterative approach to provide valuble products to our customers.

We appreciate that our products won't change the world if no one finds them useful. To focus our efforts, and avoid building cool things that no one needs, we follow an intentional product process that prioritizes value. More time with our clients' problems yields better product development.


Research and analysis uncover the REAL "Job To Be Done".


User personas and must-have features provide product structure.


User stories and initial wireframes inform potential production.


Prototypes, coding and details. The fun (and larger investment) really begins!


Product launch and early adopters drive feedback and critical iteration.


With Pandora's box open, user feedback demands more innovation.

Our product journey is a learning process...

Our team of expert Technologists and Consultants can do absolutely anything, but we can't do everything.

We spent years in the trenches with clients resolving regulatory and business crises, developing our ability to react and rapidly innovate for clients. In today's digital era, we proactively build products to create more value at scale by understanding common problems and specific user challenges.

Discover our Solutions

Our solutions sit on top of our scalable products to combine customer data, relevant industry data, and resident expertise to solve specific problems for our clients.


An assessment of organisational information maturity, helping you leverage maximum value from data.


A suite of tools for Financial Services that supercharges banking compliance and operations.


Gain visibility of the Operating Room and understand your productivity, safety and efficiency drivers.


A comprehensive risk identification, management, and monitoring platform for corporate compliance.


Automation of your SF-425 reporting requirements and interactive treasury management analytics.