Digital Workforce 

This new Digital Workforce is a hybrid "human + machine team" that incorporates the best of both worlds. Eliminate time-consuming and inefficient manual data processes through automation; extract handwritten information and test it for compliance, or leverage AI to find needles in haystacks. The time is now to embrace the Digital Workforce.

Advanced Technology for the Win

Increasing the speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of our client’s processes and operations.

Our platform leverages Computer Vision, a tool that combines advanced optical character recognition with artificial intelligence and machine learning so that our machines achieve “cognition.” Our technology is not just for compliance, it can be used across originations, servicing, and operations. The tools can be deployed to automate all or a part of your processes, allowing your employees to do less repetitive work and focus on the critical tasks that matter most.

Digitize Documents (yes, even handwritten)

Deployed at scale to extract data from any document including bank statements, pay stubs, ID’s, loan origination forms, applications, invoices, and contracts to name a few.

Application Processing

Tailored to extract all required data to help your business achieve fast, accurate and secure application processing. Capture any data from any document and any source. Less reviewing and more approving.

Business Process Quality Control

Optimized to quickly detect issues in near real-time. Our digital workforce can review the whole universe in less time than it takes to review a sample. Spend time fixing problems, instead of finding them.

Back Office Functions

Combined technology solutions to extract data from documents and insert results into systems without the need for human intervention. We hate TPS reports as much as you do.

Turn Compliance Up To 11

Customized controls and automated testing integrated into your company's compliance program so you can focus on growing your business and empowering your compliance team.

Lookback Reviews

Utilized to identify exceptions buried in thousands of transactions, reducing time to complete projects, and saving our clients millions of dollars. No more searching for a needle in a haystack.

Comprehensive Tech Stack

Comprehensive Tech Stack

Our technology goes far beyond data analytics and testing, it can process millions of pages of documents, read characters and handwriting, transform them into data, and can be used to target your toughest operational and compliance problems. The result is a reduction in costs, an increase in efficiency and productivity, and a reduction in risk.

Transforming Documents into Data

Utilize multi-threaded computers to transform and “read” hundreds of pages per second.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Leveraging AI/ML to understand the “read” content and learn to recognize key pieces of information.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Implementing NLP to improve the efficiency of documentation processes, improve the accuracy of documentation, and identify the most pertinent information from large databases.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

By deploying RPA our digital workforce can drive action based on the AI/ML findings. Don’t just find problems, fix them.

Integrated Workflow

Whether your business is a traditional or digital workforce, our integrated workflow tools help manage the process.

Applied Technology

We Stay Current so You Stay Current

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. What was cutting edge yesterday is “old tech” today. Conversely, there are a lot of solutions that are out in the market that are not ready for prime time. By leveraging our technologists and subject matter experts we will only deploy the right tools for the job, tools that are proven and current.

Applied Technology

It’s in our name and that’s not an accident. We don’t focus on theoretical technology that will fail more than it succeeds. We can work the tech and you can benefit.

Our heads are in the clouds… or not

We leverage cloud technology through partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, and others to run secured data centers. Sometimes we have to be down to earth on-premise, that’s ok we can do that too!

We never grew out of playing with blocks

Our team is well versed in various blockchain technologies, we know when they are right to deploy… and when they are not right for the job.

We love Fintech!

Fintech is our passion, we have the technology and subject matter expertise to help Fintech’s mature and meet their regulatory obligations while remaining disruptive.

Built for Scale - Powered by Experts

Our Digital Workforce technology represents the pinnacle of marrying technology with deep industry and functional area expertise. We have not built “dumb robots,” but have instead utilized BRG’s industry and functional experts to instill their expertise in the algorithms and procedures. This important input was a necessity to be able to create smart machines that could truly be thought of as a Digital Workforce. Through our deep technology expertise and proven platform, we can now unleash this smart workforce at scale to solve our clients most pressing problems.

Pages Analyzed

In one week


Machines Processing

Manual Review

Single Project Cost Savings

Integration Capability

Flexible for Your Organization’s Needs

We have built our Digital Workforce tools to meet the reality of ever-changing client environments.

Containerized Technology, Even our AI/ML

Our technology is containerized so that it can be deployed in any environment.

Integration Capability

Featuring the ability to integrate existing tools, no need to throw away prior investments.

Robust Permissions

Our permissions system is built to balance flexibility and security.

Technology Agnostic

Tools are built to embrace the pace of change without locking ourselves into any one protocol.